[Lyrics List]~~Red_Panda~~Music Essay: The Story About Us~

Music Essay: The Story About Us~

1~You’re My Friend ~(8/12/12)


2~Can You Smile?(8/12/12)


3~Miss You ~(10/12/12)


4~Listen To My Words (Rumor)~(10/12/12)


5~ I Only Want You Know To Know~(14/12/12)


6~One More Time~(14/12/12)~


7~Brand New World And History (New Future) ~ (17/12/12)


8~I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye~[Unconfirmed]


And~Maybe A lot More ~ 😛 ~





Language ~ English

Genre~ Ballad,Pop,RnB ~ Rap~(Writing Way) ~XD~


I just wanna to say about this Music Essay ~ :3 ..hermm … I already wrote more than 20++ lyrics before ~ but T_T … luck just not on my side~ my laptop hard disk damaged T_T …and didn’t even make a copy T_T …. so I have to write it again,again and again T_T…..^_^ ….but I write some lyrics for my friends XD ….. but only 3 ~You’re My Friend,Brand New World And History (New Future) and I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye ~ even I don’t confirm it yet XD ~ ohh ..well ..just enjoy the lyrics XD~ all kinds of comments allowed XD… but don’t too harsh =.=’ ~ 


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