An Angel

wahh :3 …seriously :3 ..i like this :3


I met an angel once

Not one of those punters in the white robes

The guys doing fairy impressions

A real angel

One who cared without thinking

Who embraced the sick

Forgave the wrong

Dedicated her every waking moment to others

No judgement, no provisos

Truly selfless, a pure soul

And beautiful too

Not just physically, she was that

But on the inside, the side that matters

In her caring nature she saw what was wrong with me

Placed a hand on my shoulder and said

“There is no need to be afraid”

And from then on I wasn’t

I tried to thank her

But she was quickly gone

The world is a big place

And an angel’s work is never done

Yet if you see her

Or one of her ilk

Working their quiet miracles

Give them thanks from me

One they met so many years ago

Who they…

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