Happy New Year Post ! …2013 ! …A New Year !


Today is 3rd January ^_^ ..I guess it still not too late to tell ! …HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS !!  ^_^…My first post of the year ^^ …:3 and I’m now officially a 16 yrs old teenager ^^…thats mean now I’m form 4 =.=” …my study will be so hard :3 …And will focus mainly on m studies to keep my good grade :3 ..or else Shim Changmin will mad at me XD …..but I still want to keep in touch with my WordPress ^^…I will try my best to write lyrics :3 and make it the best quality ! .. if I do have time ^^…..
For January 2013 …I really excited with TVXQ,JYJ and EXO incoming songs ^O^ …..beside with Yunho new drama :3 .. ^^



Yunho will be one of the main character ^_^ …yess ! ..finally I can see him in action ^_^ …I’m sure he will sucess in his acting career :3 …just like Siwon :3..his character will be Baek Do-Hoon :3 …the drama will start on 14th January in Korea ^^  with the running time on Monday and Tuesday :3 ….



And ! ..YAAY ! .. :3 ..this one I have been waiting for ! :3 ..Kim JaeJong 1st solo album ! his first solo will be release on 17th January ^^ …and probably ~ the album will be a rock album genre,I think :/ …thats gonna to be cool ! …Its been so long since my last rock song on 2010 :3..well ..I actually leave the rock genre for TVXQ ! ..and JYJ also ^^ ..they’re awesome ! .. ^_^ …FYI ! ..his mini album will focus on his life,music,and Cassiopeia ^^ …I’m sure he will express it well in his album soon ^^ …


The last one ! …EXO 1st album by SM Ent. :3 ..well i been waiting this since the fall season =.=…well …so many rumour -.-..and the possibilities that EXO will release it’s album this month ! …JANUARY ! As I remember :3 ..it will be around 20 something :3 ..and their album title will be MYSTIC ! …i don’t know what so ‘MYSTIC’ about this album XD ..haha …but it gonna to be awesome :3 ..i gonna to wait for it XDD ..haha ….


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