Hi ^_^ ….I’m the Red Panda 7112 :3…I’m 19 yrs old (97’s kid) ….. I used this wordpress for Lyrics-Writing and maybe fanboy-ing stuffs about TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki ~~JYJ~~and EXO ! or maybe a little bit about my life ^^ …I hope you enjoy the lyrics I wrote ^^ ~…Do ask me anything :D…

P/S : I’m A Super Hardcore Cassiopeia,Normal Exotic ..haha XD…anyway :3…

This is my  ^^

Personal Twitter : https://twitter.com/PrinceXIV7112
Facebook : www.facebook.com/aimanfaris97

ME ^_^ ~

TVXQ mirotic ~

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey fanboy! I found your Twitter. You know how fangirls are really excited when meeting fanboy! xD Haha I’m no exception.
    I’ve been a Cassie since 2005, and I rarely see fanboys. Especially Malay fanboys!
    I recently became a fan of EXO, so I’m really really excited to see that you love both groups too!
    P/S: Maap la akak jdi mereng jmpe fanboy xD Dlu kwn klas de minat gk, fanboy Junsu. Skrg da x into sgt lah kot sbb xde spazz bagai 😦
    Oh btw, nice to meet you! ^^

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